Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nails in the fence

Once upon a time there was a boy with a very difficult character. He just couldn't seem to control his anger and outburst.

One day his father gave him a bag full of nails and said "Son, I want you to drive one nail into the garden fence every time you lose your patience or have an argument with someone". He nodded to him in respect, though not grasping what his father actually meant from that.

The very first day, true to his nature, the boy drove 37 nails in the garden fence!

But in the following weeks, the boy learned to control himself and the number of nails driven into the fence started to lower in count. Gradually, the boy discovered that it is easier to learn to control himself than to hammer nails in the fence. At last the day came when the boy did not drive any nails into the garden fence. Tracing the lesson from words of his wise father, he went up to him and said "Father I made it finally! Today I did not need to hammer any nails. You've brought a change to my life with this lesson indeed!".

"No my son, the lesson ain't over yet", the calm words from this man of wisdom took him in surprise. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Now, I want you to take one nail out from the fence for every day you further succeed in controlling your temper and not losing your patience". He agreed in excitement this time, and though it did take time, it did not take as much as before. Once again, the boy was proud to disclose before his father that he has taken all nails out of the fence.

"Now, tell me father, what did you mean by this", he was curious to see the big picture this time.

"Sure boy, first lets walk over to have a look at the fence my dear", and then, pointing to the fence the father told him "My son, sure you have behaved well. But can you also see look how many holes you have left in the good old fence by now? And you know it will never be the same, will it? Well, similarly dear, when you have an argument with someone and abuse them, you leave them with wounds like these ones in the fence. You can stab a man and then take the knife out, but you will always leave a wound. It does not matter how many times you say sorry, the scars will stay. A wound caused by words hurts just as bad as a physical wound." The father concluded with these words, as the boy stood there--speechless.

Those who love you are rare jewels, they make you smile and support you. They are ready to listen to you whenever you need it, they support you and they open their heart to you. Never fail to show them how much you love them.