Sunday, December 20, 2009

That's impossible


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Burglar father-son duo

A notorious burglar once took his growing up son also along with him for training in burglary.

Night time, pitch dark, they reached a bungalow, jumped over the compound and neared the building stealthily. Father burglar scanned & identified the spot for stealing. He lifted his son and dumped him through the window to reach the spot.

The son was silently stealing. He was about to finish when the father created a loud thud by pushing an object to the ground! Hearing the noise the inmates of the bungalow were alarmed of thieves and all lights were put on. The son burglar was frightened. He expected his father to rescue him, but was shocked to find his father taking to his heels!

Frustrated, frightened, and disappointed by his father’s attitude at the time of difficulty, the son decided to find his own way & at last wisely escaped from there.

Straight he came home & fought with his father & ridiculed his cowardice.

“My son", father explained "I was the one who made the noise to alarm the inmates when I found you were successful in your job. I deliberately ran out of the place leaving you alone so that you would find your own way of escaping. Had I helped, you would have been dependent on me when difficulties come. Now you have proved to yourself that you are capable of handling the situation alone. Even if you were caught they would have only beaten you & not put to death. If that be so I would have certainly helped you. Good job done my son!”

Only when things go wrong if one has the guts & grit to find ways to succeed, then success is worth its name.