Tuesday, November 14, 2006

About The Scented Candles

Do you love candles?

Perhaps you do, but I absolutely adore them. To me they are a source of inspiration -- trembling amidst forceful winds struggling for their own survival, and yet, never willing to give up the good work -- the selfless act of spreading light and fragrance till they survive.

This blog lives to remind us about the scented candles. It's here to spread the message of love and hope, give you inspiration, and a sense of direction... amongst hundreds of beautiful stories, anecdotes, and presentations that I've collected from numerous lovely contributors like you. They will bring a smile to your face, or a hope in your heart , or maybe in a rare moment, a tear in your eye as well.

I hope one of these candles brightens your way and scents your soul too.

Enjoy :)


Paul Mathew said...

Beautiful and deeply moving stories. Very interesting and inspirational. Thank you Alok. Deeply grateful that you introduced your blog to me. Am planning to follow this regularly.

Thanks & Admiration, Paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alok for these great stories and for sharing the same.
Thanks and regards
Madhusudan D